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  • Munch Bunch board games

    Does anyone remember the Munch Bunch characters having their own board game spin offs? They were mostly based on the children's television characters of the early 1980s, (and probably made healthy eating feel like committing cannibalism), although they are still going today as a result of the brand of yoghurts in most supermarkets, although they don't seem to resemble the ones that were around over 35 years ago. I suppose that they had comparisons with the Mr Men yoghurts that Sainsbury's contracted for their own brand in the mid 1980s, and the Garden Gang stories that a nine year old Jayne Fisher did for Ladybird books back in the 1970s.

    There was a snakes and ladders game and a Ludo one at least, and on the base of the box, there was a story about how the Munch Bunch characters got together. My family used to play them on Sunday afternoons back in the 1980s when we were sick of the rubbish on the television back then.

    The board games were made by a defunct company called Skirrid International which I assume also did other board games back in the mid 1980s?

    Anyone got pictures of them because I cannot find any examples online.
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    Re: Munch Bunch board games

    My family managed to collect up most of the Munch Bunch books, & there was plenty of other merchandise around in the 1980s.
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