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  • Squiggle drawing game


    Looking for the exact name of the game I remember from my childhood. I thought it was Squiggle but nothing comes up when I search it!

    From what I remember it was a floor drawing mat and made up of squares that contained different squiggles. You took a card or dice and got a letter to which you had to turn the squiggle into something beginning with that letter whilst someone guessed what it was?

    I would love to get it for my goddaughter who loves drawing but I just can’t remember the exact name!

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    Still available. This could be a modern version I suppose?
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      Yeah I’ve seen this but it’s not that one! I’m thinking it must be along the lines of squiggle but not the exact name.


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        Originally posted by Heather74 View Post
        Still available. This could be a modern version I suppose?
        Are they Gs or Bs in the logo's name? - could be either to be honest.
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