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  • EYE board game

    Does anyone remember a board game from the late 80s/early 90s called EYE.

    It was a board the had two plastic spirals siraling the opposite direction to each other, with one on top of the other - you could rotate them to reveal different colours of the board underneath.

    I got it for Christmas when i was about 12 and never learned how to play it
    as it was so bloody confusing. I think its still my mum's loft in pristine condition...

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    Re: EYE board game

    I do indeed remember that game, and was looking it up when I came across your post. I seem to remember it being Rubik's but not sure if that is correct.

    Like you I never figured out how to play it - it was well complicated. Certainly too complicated for me to spend more than half an hour trying.

    Good luck if you're actually planning to learn it - if you do you'll probably be the world champion by default :-)


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      Re: EYE board game



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        Re: EYE board game

        Eye Eye


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          Re: EYE board game

          Whoa... there it is...

          Did anyone who had this game learn to play it? With that spinning board thing and the box it came in it held so much prommise - but made absolutely no sense watsoever.

          I think it was designed for, or possibley by Rain Man.


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            Re: EYE board game

            I didn't.

            I have a selection of games with moving boards from a 50's Chad Valley car race one (outside the remit, here) to the very nice Hans and Lottie Hass "Undersea Adventure"

            Two on eBay currently: one with an optimistic price tag?
            UNDERSEA ADVENTURE GAME - HASS - HANS AND LOTTE HASS on eBay, also Vintage Games Pre-1980, Board Traditional Games, Games, Toys Games (end time 21-Apr-09 13:16:02 BST)

            But yes, I got "Eye" to add to that group, and having attempted it a few times decided it didn't work unless you had the quirks of the colour changes almost memorised. In which case an experienced player would just wipe the floor with the person they were intorducing it to.
            A problem with many, but not all, boardgames

            I got it, pristine, from a charity shop (suggestive of itself). It went back to a charity shop.
            Hmm, that suggests a thread.
            "It's never too late to have a happy childhood."


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              Re: EYE board game

              Hi, I also found this site while searching 'Eye'.
              I have the board game and also had a version on pc. The board game was difficult because moving the discs could disloge the playing counters. The pc version was much easier to operate and in single player mode, eg. playing against the pc, I thought it was quite a good game.


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                Re: EYE board game

                hhhmmmm must be why i didnt have this to much like hard work


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                  OH MY GOD I have a copy of this game and its the funniest thing ever. Not because of the gameplay (I have no frikkin idea how this thing works and dont think I ever will) but because of everything else about it.

                  The blurb on the back says NOTHING about the object of the game, it doesn't even simply say this in the rule book, but instead there is a genuine essay, I reckon about 1500 words, detailing entire life stories of the 3 people that made it and the 7 year journey across like 8 countries they went on to make 'the perfect game'. The back of the box says its going to do to games what Rubik did to puzzles, that they think its better than Checkers, or Chess, that old backgammon fans in Athens said it was the best game they ever played, and (this is my favourite bit) that is 'classically simple and simply classic'. This all left me crying with laughter as its the most complicated, ridiculous object I own. Its coupled with insane psychedelic imagery featuring what looks like a child in trad Swiss dress having their eyes sucked into the box. Its obnoxiously large and clearly so expensive to make, annoying to cart around but I will never part with it. It is the Sharknado/The Room of games. If you see it; buy it, read the back, attempt to play it, cry with laughter.


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                    As I said, much easier to learn it on a screen as the player moves and colour changes were clearer to see and understand what you were trying to do, and how to do it. I could beat the pc at it, but never found anyone willing to try it as a table game - even chess wizards seem to shy away from it.


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                      Yes I owned Eye. It was a unique and visually striking game, but not particularly fun to play.
                      Along with a load of my other games, it went to a local charity shop after we had a clear-out last year.


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                        I do indeed remember that game. But I don't remember how to play it.


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                          Think ours was second hand and pristine too ha ha. Some pics here if anyone wants a reminder -