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  • Ladybird Game

    This memory is soooooo vague, but it's bugging me (excuse the pun), my best mate at primary school (1973-1975) had this peculiar game which from what I can remember was already broken and incomplete when I saw it, but it seemed to consist of several wind-up ladybirds which moved around a large plastic tray with craters in it! I'm not sure what the object of the game/toy was or what it was called. Any suggestions??

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    Re: Ladybird Game

    would it be Dizzy Bug? There was a tv advert for it set to the tune of La Cucaracha, with the lyrics "Dizzy Bug spins"

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      Re: Ladybird Game

      YES, yes...I think that's it, although isn't easy to decipher from the image on the box. Thanks for your help.