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Seven league boots

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  • Seven league boots

    I had a couple of board games when i was a nipper, one i remember had little square cards with railway track pictures that you had to line up to move your engine, you would lose if you couldnt prevent a dead end,
    but the one thats annoying me is was called seven league boots, i can remeber it had cards and counters but i dont remember anything else.
    cant find a picture of it any where, has anyone got one or can offer up any more info?

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    Re: Seven league boots

    only Info I can find

    1974-Condor Playvalue
    A simple children's game in which players collect counters and deliver them to the middle of the board. To do this, players play 'footwear' cards which allow movement across various terrain spaces. The Seven League Boots of the title allow movement across any terrain.

    The first player to get their counters to the middle is the winner.

    5-10 years


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      Re: Seven league boots

      thats the one, i could only find a description as well. all i can remember was the boot card looked like an old pirates boot.