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    Re: Text Adventures

    I had an adventure game writing program for my spectrum, but I only managed to get about 3 rooms linked together, before I got fed up with it and went back to playing Wheelie and Pyjarmarama!
    I also had a Hulk adventure game which also used to get me incredibly annoyed because I could never get past a certain stage.


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      I thougth a Saitek Cyborg 12 button joystick/beer pump was bad but you know games these days (all these controls and how realistic the graphics looK)!!

      Urban Upstart was by Terminal Software but I suggest looking it up on World of Spectrum.


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        Re: Text Adventures

        oh so true. I have a game on my win 7 quad core and its like interactive tv. The better the graphics card the better obviously. I have become such an expert on it I answer online problems but its great fun and I can recall space invaders on my first computer in the Army in 1985, how times have changed!!!


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          Re: Text Adventures

          If you're really into your text adventures then this might be of interest - - a documentary all about them and their history. It's an independent production but the guy who's doing it really seems to be putting a lot of love into the project (it even comes with a metal coin 'feelie' as a nod to the stuff you'd get in the Infocom releases). Fairly pricey so only for the fans but looks cool.


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            Re: Text Adventures

            I use a speccy emulator these days as my tape collection started to wear out with age,
            Happy days buying C15 cassesttes from WHSmiths and trying to get a tape to tape copy of Atic Atac for my school mates.
            the one i use is called EmuZWin, it seems stable enough.

            I used to like text adventures, there was one written with the Quill package centered around Dennis Thatcher, every 5 moves you had to enter "drink" or you would sober up and Maggie would turn up with an "icey glare".

            There were a series of 4 published by Artic, commonly known as adventure A, B, C and D

            or the proper names were

            Planet of death (adventure A),
            Inca Curse (Adventure B),
            The ship of doom (adventure C) controversial and banned due to certain hidden adult content
            Espionage island (adventure D)

            All available as roms for the emulaters.


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              Re: Text Adventures

              I've heard before about The Ship Of Doom being banned.
              The Trickster On The Roof


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                Re: Text Adventures

                Available for Frotz or similar here
                Their light of pocket torch, of signal flare,
                Licks at the edge of unsuspected places,
                While others scan, under an arc-lamp's glare,
                Nursery, kitchen sink, or their own faces.
                -Kingsley Amis


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                  Re: Text Adventures


                  You can't go that way. There are doors E, S and W.


                  You are dead. There were no floorboards in that room, and you were on the 75th floor. Try again Y/N?


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                    Re: Text Adventures

                    Regarding (IBM) PC text adventure games (many of which also existed on other platforms). The good news is many shareware/commercial text game authors have kindly now released their PC versions for free. For running freeware (and originals), I HIGHLY recommend downloading the ScummVM emulator ( ) as ScummVM now runs many games very easily including for example Infocom's text adventure games as well as running the graphical based PC games of the early 1990's, e.g. Sam & Max. Concerning the later I have to say that I tried the DOS Version directly (again after years) and found that the game ran better under ScummVM than native DOS !

                    Many Infocom games are available as freeware (some are available to play online):

                    Apogee released a number of their text adventure games as freeware:

           has released his very British humor text adventure games Humbug, Jacaranda Jim as freeware, as well as an arcade game called Wibbling Wilf which can be downloaded from his site above.

                    For PC games are NOT supported by ScummVM I recommend DOSBox, however DOSBox requires some PC technical knowledge to use:

                    See also:

                    Note: For 1980's PC's games these are a bit harder on modern computers (but not impossible).