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Any open world games with traversal similar to Sunset Overdrive?

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  • SNES64
    Two back to back threads with new posters literally copy/pasting Reddit questions. Is someone just trying to fluff the place up a bit with BS posts?

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  • SNES64
    There are so many open world games across multiple sub-genres, it’s hard to know where to begin especially given how unique SO was. But sticking with something vaguely similar to Sunset for gameplay and available on Xbox I’d recommend you look into any of the below series:

    Saints Row - IV in particular as story can be ignored and can be jumped in at any point.
    Just Cause - 3, although many may disagree due to bugs and performance at launch. Again, no worthwhile story.
    Assassins Creed Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla - in that order, series became true open-world and much more enjoyable.
    Grand Theft Auto - not much to say because you almost definitely already know. V has probably the most enjoyable campaign overall.
    Red Dead Redemption 2 - as above.

    Not played personally, but generally favourably reviewed:

    Mad Max
    Watchdogs Legion
    Mafia 3 and Remaster
    Yakuza (currently available on Game Pass if you have that)

    If you’re up for first person open-world games then I can’t speak highly enough of the following:

    Skyrim (also on Game Pass)
    Far Cry - 3, Blood Dragon, 5 and New Dawn
    Fallout - 3, New Vegas and 4 (NV & 4 on Game Pass)
    The Outer Worlds

    and everyone but me go crazy over The Witcher 3, so also worth a look.

    If you have access to other platforms then Spider-Man on PS4 is excellent, and made by the same developer as Sunset Overdrive - probably the most similar experience you could have.
    Also on PS4 is Horizon Zero Dawn, another open-world belter. And if you have a Nintendo Switch, Zelda: Breath of The Wild is not just the best open-world game but arguably the best in whole Zelda franchise and best overall game on Switch.

    Hope that helps.


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  • tex
    Welcome to DYR Mark....Forgive me but i don't understand gaming talk, just wanted to say hi, there are several game savvy members on here however that can probably help with your question

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  • Any open world games with traversal similar to Sunset Overdrive?

    I’ve been loving the heck out of this game (new to PC and Xbox), but they fixed a major problem of open world games and made fetch quests an absolute blast. It’s unlike any other experience I’ve had in an open world game. Is there anything else comparable to it?Tweakbox
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