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Marbles and their names

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  • Marbles and their names

    I saw a picture of some marbles today and they had names I didn't recognise which made me start to try to remember what we called the different types of marbles at school in the 70s.

    I remember the bigger ones were Queens, then the biggest were Kings. I think the white and color ones were "Emporers" or something?

    Anyone else remember similar names for them?

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    Steelys the very big steel ones , Dobbers the big glass ones
    Ejector seat?...your jokin!


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      We had steelies but they were any metal ones (probably all ball bearings?)... but a large glass one we called trombolies, I have no idea why, something inherited from older kids. I think there were also aggies which were not your run-of-the-mill glass marbles. I did play marbles in the school yard, whatever you knocked out of a circle in the dirt you kept, but I don't remember the rules otherwise.
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        I remember the big plain ones were referred to as alleys (sp?) and smaller ones with two colours half-alleys.


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          yes I remember we called the plain ones alleys. The steel ball bearings we called ironers and any big oversize ones were called plonkers. There was a name for the plain clear glass ones with no coloured bit in them but I can’t remember.

          The rules we had were slightly different to the norm from what I read
          each marble had a value
          plain run of the mill marbles were 3
          rarer ones were 6
          plonkers were 12
          some values were decided on before the game.
          From an agreed distance, you took turns at flicking your marble at your opponents until it hit his/hers, then you got another attempt . Each hit deducting a point off the opponent marble’s value.
          when you had taken all the value points, the marble was yours.
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            I have a few of these balls left, my dad had a set in his youth, but most were lost. I don't really know the names, it was not my childhood. But somewhere such goodness lies in the attic. Just in case


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              I know that marbles were the currency of the school playground and that they had different names, but I couldn't remember most of them - some even took Hungry Hippos marbles to school with them to play...
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