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Doll with little records that went in the back - help!

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    Re: Doll with little records that went in the back - help!

    I had a male version like an Action Man with the records in as well. Can't remember it's name either.

    Used to swap the records with my sisters girls version. Real funny at the time.
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      Re: Doll with little records that went in the back - help!

      My doll was similar to the one you posted and it looks like the same record size.
      I had been looking for my childhood doll for years and just finally found it yesterday!!! She needs fixing so I'm hoping to find parts for her here. Her name was Mimi and I got her in 1972. She was known as the doll that could walk, talk and sing. She has platinum blonde hair and green eyes. She is a Regal toy Ltd (her head is Regal) but the mechanism in her back is Japanese made.

      I used to have 3 records that played in her back. Record size would be about 2 inches. One played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the other played Mary had a little Lamb and the last one played BaBa Black Sheep. On the reverse of each record, there were short phrases that she spoke. Once the mini record was placed in her back, you would press her belly button to activate the record.

      I'm missing the little records and the cover to the battery compartment. If anyone ever finds these, please let me know. Would also like to have some of her original outfits. I don't remember what they looked like. Thanks.

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        Re: Doll with little records that went in the back - help!

        Although mine is currently selling on ebay at the moment I can give you a little bit of info about the doll and records. Mine too plays the records that are pictured above. She came with 16, one white one was one she spoke on, saying things like "good morning, momma, "are we home soon, momma and she giggled. The records were double-sided and all played nursery rhymes, the black ones played christmas carols. She uses 1 c battery to operate. She is about 2 feet tall and she can stand up and she can walk if u stand behind her and hold her hands up in the air. She kinda flops one leg in front of the other to mimic walking.

        Anyway, thought you would like to see some pictures and hear her talk. My mum has passed on so unfortunately, I cannot give you much detail about the doll, only that I receieved it around 1978.


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          Originally posted by Heather74 View Post
          . Think theres a picture on the forum I'll see if I can find her, mine was called Pam but I think thats the name I may have given her.
          Her name was PAM

          Re: Doll with little records that went in the back - help!

          Among some things belonging to my late mum, I found she had saved this newspaper cut-out of toys for christmas (1979 era)


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            Re: Doll with little records that went in the back - help! I had one too

            Originally posted by Trickyvee View Post
            When I was little I remember playing with a doll that I had at my grandma's house. She was made of hard plastic, about a foot tall and came with a set of mini records. There was a latch on her back that you opened to put the records in and then I think she 'sang' nursery rhymes and Christmas carols. I remember that the records were transparent and were blue, pink and clear. I'd love to know the name of this doll. This was in the early 80s though I suspect the doll was a hand -me-down from one of my gran's neighbours so she was probably from the 70s. Can anybody help?

            I had one also I think her hair was long and reddish but had the same transparent records. I'd also love to find out.


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              Hi. I know this thread was started few years ago but I don't have the doll any more but have lots of the records I'm looking to re home. Let me know if interested.


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                This rings a bell - was it similar to Teddy Ruxpin in the way it (or should I say, she) worked?
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                  I also had this doll she had long blond curl hair in ponytails..
                  mine had I blue as well as a clear record that went into her back...I love that doll...I have often thought of that doll and wonder what ever happened to her...I believe my Ma told me she got stolen


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                    I'm absolutely gutted that I have only just come across the 2 posts by pearsonsbargains I must have been away on holiday or in hospital at the time!!
                    Still delighted to find she was indeed named Pam after all these years!!
                    I'm only sorry i never thanked them for posting the advert and photos.
                    That is indeed the exact doll I had


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                      I remember having a toy that had little plastic records very much the same as those with the doll but it was a red plastic toy telephone.
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                        Hi. am i aloud to post doll records on here please. i have about 21 in total that i would like to re home due to not having the doll for them. is there a selling post.

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                          I have just found this forum. I have one of theses dolls that my parents gave me in the 70s. I only have one record now and I remember it used to say.
                          My name is Michelle, I am 4 years old.
                          Adam and Eve and pinch me went down to the river to play Adam and Eve were drowned who do you think was saved?
                          She has beautiful thick curly brown hair and blue eyes. Would love to know where I could get more records for her and who originally made her.
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                            Hello. All. What a great thread. I have a Palitoy Alice in Wonderland Doll. In perfect condition.
                            Missing the 3 records though.
                            So if anyone has even one of her Alice in Wonderland records I would be very interested.
                            Many thanks