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Those sucker things with springs underneath...

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  • Those sucker things with springs underneath...

    What was the name of those little toys that were really popular in the 80s / 90s where you had a small character with a sucker on their bottom and a spring inside them? You would push the character down so that the sucker would hold them and then after a few seconds the sucker would give way and the spring would fire them in the air... They were great fun!

    I just saw these again on a credit card company TV advert (Capital One?) and it got me remembering but I can't think what they were called?

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    Yep, them! One hit me in the eye once when I bent down to have a look at it. Can't remember the name, but I do remember what I called it at the time :-)
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      Oohhh i loved those heh heh I cant remeber what they were called though..hmmmm
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        Ah, yes. I loved those as a child. They were amongst the type of thing my grandma would get me as little, cheap treats. Of course, those were the days when Grandmas weren't too concerned about our eyes making it to adulthood. But yes, they seemed to have rubbery little monsters atop, in one bright colour. I think you still see them today, in gift shops, so maybe they're less eye-removing than I imagine!!!! Hehe.


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          I think they were probably made by lots of different people. The kind of toy you'd see a boxful of in the Toyshop next to rubber dinosaurs and those plastic slithery snakes. I seem to remember more often than not they were a frog.


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            in the 70s I had a game called Poppin Hoppies they did the same pressed them down and then they popped and erm..yeah hopped! lol.
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