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Benson, Hedges, and Tutunkhamen!

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  • Semi42
    I remember seeing the exhibition being covered on blue Peter

    As for the B/H ads , I vaguely remember that one and I also remember seeing one on tv and the cinema with bank robbers breaking into a vault. It stuck in my memory because the cinema version was much longer and more visually and aurally impressive

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  • Andyjh64
    started a topic Benson, Hedges, and Tutunkhamen!

    Benson, Hedges, and Tutunkhamen!

    Does anyone remember a Benson & Hedges ad that was shown at the cinema which was actually a spoof on the legendary Tutunkhamen exhibition in the early 70's in London?. It showed footage of crowds of people queuing round the block at the British Museum, and as the camera slowly tracks along the line, we eventually see it's a huge gold B&H packet they're looking at!! This was of course back when cigarette advertising was considered OK at the cinema!

    For that matter, does anyone remember the Tutankhamen exhibition??