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Worst films from any decade (70's-90's)?

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  • catflap
    Don't like Future World?!!

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  • 70s kid
    Any music 'biopic' ..looking at you Purple Rain.

    70's: Night of the Lepus, Bug, The Swarm, Tommy, The Wiz, You Cant Stop The Music, Orca, The Deep, Demon Seed,
    Damnation Alley, King Kong, Car Wash, any Airport movie, The Island Of Dr Moreau, Future World, The Amityville Horror
    10, The Eiger Sanction, Ben, The Rats

    80' many..any Star Trek movie....Howard The Duck, Superman 4, Jaws the Revenge, Xtro, Xanadu, Tarzan (82), Ishtar

    Honorable recent mentions: ANYTHING Di$ney get their hands on inc Marvel and Star Wars.

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  • Cartimand
    I would plump for the 1996 movie "Mars Attacks".
    The puerile humour meant it was never funny enough to work as comedy, nor was it intelligent enough to work as sci-fi.
    I get that it was intended as a homage to 1950s sci-fi, but the originals did it so very much better.

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  • Semi42
    started a topic Worst films from any decade (70's-90's)?

    Worst films from any decade (70's-90's)?

    On the back of Solatudes post for the best movies, what’s the worst you’ve seen at the cinema?
    A movie you paid good money for but was it that bad you walked out ?
    for me it was Top Secret in 1984 . Jumping on the silly humor bandwagon that was seen on Airplane! The movie was awful and I just felt ripped off .
    went to see it on a double date, someone suggested KFC around three quarters of the way through and we all got up and left. The only time I have walked out of a cinema.

    other turkeys I seen but tolerated til the credits
    jaws 3 (non 3D )
    the last dragon
    dirty dancing