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British 90s Sci Fi/Thriller

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  • Cartimand
    Re: British 90s Sci Fi/Thriller

    Sounds a bit like a mash up of Dark Season (especially the sunglasses bit) and Day of the Triffids.

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  • thewf
    started a topic British 90s Sci Fi/Thriller

    British 90s Sci Fi/Thriller

    Bit of a long shot, I'm trying to track down a British telemovie (possibly a short series) from the late 80s/90s. I don't have the name, but the general plot was a shadowy organisation (always seemed to be wearing sunglasses) who were spreading these green brain/cabbage like pods around the country. When the pods opened up a green plasma came out that took over your mind and caused you to be evil/brainwashed like them. There was also a scene where the good guys were hung up in a steam room by the bad guys.

    Was very dark, horror-style.

    Any pointers appreciated.