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    One of my favorite Space: 1999 episodes is 'Troubled Spirit'. It includes musician Big Jim Sullivan playing a Coral electric sitar/guitar in one of those Moonbase polyester suits (he said he hated it).
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      Used t love Space 1999, the two episodes that stick mostly in my mind were the ones where a rescue team had supposedly arrived to everyone's joy but they appeared to Koening in their real monstrous form.

      The other one is when there is some sort of monster that had infiltrated the base that appears unstoppable.

      Can't remember the episode names.


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        I guess one reason its slagged of is perhaps because how of how it looks visually graphically but then one must remember its over 40 yrs old.
        In terms of atmosphere its terrific

        yeah seen her transform into many different forms.

        Originally posted by spearsey View Post

        catherine schell played the shape-shifter alien maya in the second series. She changed into all sorts of terrestriel and extraterrestrial creatures.

        I used to love s99 but when you see reveiws of it now it is largely slagged off. I used to have all the dinky toy eagle space craft.



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          I remember in the mid-'70s, even on a B&W television, this was 'the future'. Each new episode listed was an exciting wait. Looking back later I could see various flaws of course, some weaker and even silly stories. Series two was particularly formulaic and lacking ideas for a lot of it, but I liked those uniforms better than the earlier one-piece zippers affairs. The premise from the start was very unlikely, the moon travelling off from Earth orbit out into deep space and crossing paths with soooo many aliens. Might've helped a slight bit if they had some way of controlling their journey, but then they'd probably just return to earth right? By series two they had gone through so many eagles too you had to wonder how they replaced them so fast, and the new Moonbase staff who kept turning up to take the place of those we never saw again.
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            I use to enjoy the show. More for the fact that I was in to Astronomy and Physics.
            I think the programme was aired on a Saturday morning, which seems unusual.


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              The show was first screened in the UK on Friday early evenings in Sept. 75. Me and my family dropped a b*ll*ck by watching the first series of The Invisible Man on British Bullsh*t Corp screened at the same time. Once it finished its short run we switched to SP1999 and instantly regretted missing out as the show was superior in everyway.
              Catherine Schell was in an early episode in series 1 called Guardian Of Piri and in the fetching short figure hugging satin dress and strappy boots, left an indelible impression on the 10 yr old me. She later went on to play Maya in series 2 but thealien make up did nothing for her beauty. She is famous for her " who do i have to f*ck to get off this show" quote said at a fan conference.
              People accuse the show of being cheesy but those same people probably say that about a lot of 70s culture. It certainly was 'camp' i guess but also the most expensive TV show at the time...all the money being up on the screen in the costumes, models and set watch your average $200m Marvel movie today and it looks like sh*t!
              The toy line was quality: i got an Eagle freighter for my 10th birthday after begging my dad for it. It cost 2.99, money well spent. Ive just bought an almost MIB one recently for 100- bargain!
              The infamous Dragons Domain episode that many have mentioned is almost a cultural icon in vintage TV terms in its graphic portrayal of charred corpsies a kid watching a early evening sci fi fantasy TV show it scared the bejesus out of me but i remember horrific deaths portrayed in Dr Who..( Chase's implied death by mulcher in The Seeds Of Doom anyone?) And then later Aunt Beru and Uncle Owens demise at the hands of Imperial Stormtroopers.


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                It sort of grew out of UFO which didn't get a second series, and so it had to involve the moonbase (we're lucky the purple wigs were dropped), but Space: 1999's second series (like Star Trek's third) has been much criticized since airing to where you wonder if it went on longer than it ought to have. They were trying to appeal to the U.S. even more with the second series. I thought the uniforms an improvement there at least, so that's something.
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