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BBC mini series. Need Help identify?

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  • BBC mini series. Need Help identify?

    Hi all,

    I been watching a lot of Victorian-era series lately on Netflix and some BBC old school classics like David Copperfield 1999 lol. This series had been on the mind and frustrating me. I need help with the name of the series....Where do I begin?...:

    Well: It were shown on TV - back in late 90s to early 2000 on BBC... BBC broadcast a bunch of Victorian era series.

    I believe its a BBC mini-series. Set in the Victorian era. The only plot I could remember: A poor woman had sex with another man while her son were hiding under the bed. This random man either left food or money for the lady.

    The woman were caught stealing but instead of going to jail. I think she were tricked and sold to a brothel that were owned by an gentleman. Of course the lady rejects and refused to see clients and want to return to her son. However, she were held in a room with bricked windows. Sometime later she hang her behind door.

    The owner of the brothel didn't inform the police. The lady body were instead dumped in the river Thames. Anyway, it discovered by some kid... Cant remember the rest.

    Does anyone recognize this series?

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    Re: BBC mini series. Need Help identify?