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  • Start up music

    I remember as a kid around 1968-70 waiting for play school to start on bbc2 that there was always start up music before the channel started airing it’s listed programmes . Can anyone else remember this ? And even better, anyone know the tune?

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    I think I know which music you are referring to, but I just don't know the name of it, sorry.

    The ITV stations used to have great ones - ATV used to get in trouble with the IBA for having a vocal one from Stephanie de Sykes because the stations had to use instrumental music only to open and close the station each day. Central's theme was put to good use as soon as TV-am finished and the schools programmes started - I bet some Midlands schools caught a bit of it while waiting for the first schools programme of the morning to begin.
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      This site has a lot of information about the startups.
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