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What was your ITV region?

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      Thames & LWT


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          Central (and also Yorkshire with a correctly positioned portable aerial and signal booster).

          Atmospheric conditions on a couple of occasions sometimes got us Anglia, London and the Meridian/TVS region.
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            For us on the Isle of Man it was BBC only available and that from a transmitter on the mainland until a repeater was brought into service. Later when ITV came on some of the island (West) received Granada from Winter Hill while the East received from Ulster from the Black Mountain site and many parts received no ITV programs at all. Even for those of us that did the reception was at best poor with a poor signal to noise ratio, co-channeling and times even tide effects! Later a repeater was installed on the island for Border Television which did NOT go down well because the general opinion was that Granada had better programming. Then I left the island to go to university. I was just turned nineteen and my life of sin and debauchery started from then!


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                Has anybody noticed that ITV regions didn't line up well with geographic regions of the UK?

                The least divided geographic region was Greater London. Almost 100% of viewers watched Thames / Carlton and LWT. You had to try quite hard to receive another ITV region.

                The second least divided geographic region was West Midlands. 100% covered by Central although it was possible to receive Granada or HTV close to the northern and western edges.

                Wales was 100% covered by HTV but many viewers in north east Wales watched Granada instead. Some viewers in mid Wales watched Central.

                Northern Ireland was 100% covered by Ulster but it was possible on the east coast to receive Border from the transmitter on the Isle of Man, and in north Antrim to receive STV.

                East Midlands was the only geographic region that didn't have its own ITV region. It was divided 4 ways between Central, Yorkshire, Anglia, and part of the Peak District in Granada.

                South West was divided 4 ways between TSW / Westcountry, HTV, TVS / Meridian, and Central.