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Obscure and forgotten children's programmes from the 1980s

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  • Obscure and forgotten children's programmes from the 1980s

    159 children's programmes from the 1980s - many of which are now obscure and largely forgotten with very little online footage.

    How many of these programmes do you remember? Do you even have any episodes lurking on a video tape in the back of a closet?

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    Good find! Probably only seen about a dozen of those listed but brought back some memories, can still remember some of the theme tunes


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      Wow! I hadn't heard of most of those.
      Thanks for posting the link!


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        These programmes were before my time, so I don't recognise many of them.

        Were some of these programmes back to back with a very popular programme? I have been verbally informed that The Satellite Show was back to back with Knightmare, and Your Mother Wouldn't Like It was back to back with The Mysterious Cities of Gold. If so, this could help to explain their obscurity.

        The Dodo Club was an extremely rare example of a networked Channel Television programme.

        Was Swings and Roundabouts an Ulster Television programme?

        There are a few programmes with very little online presence not mentioned - including the educational programme Corners (CBBC), the geography themed gameshow Worldwise (CITV - TVS), and the religious programme Umbrella (BBC on Sunday morning).


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          I remember The swish of the curtain. Only because Sarah Greene the former Blue Peter presenter was in it. The programme was mentioned in one of the Blue Peter annuals.


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            Have Codename Icarus and Moondial on DVD, also a compilation of Basil Brush. Heard of a couple of others but most in the long list are definitely obscure to me! They seem to be arranged by dates.
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