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Children's TV Ghost stories, 80s

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  • Children's TV Ghost stories, 80s

    Hi. I have a strong recollection of a short-lived children's programme on BBC1, probably early 80s. I think it would have been at around the same time-slot as The Perishers, Fred Bassett, Willo the Wisp - which I think was just before the early evening news. It featured a scary story each evening, of the type 'it was a dark and stormy night' with the usual thunder and lightning effects. Does anyone else recall this or did I imagine it? Can't find any info on it. Many thanks.

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    For clarification:
    Was this animated? Live action?
    Was it a short/ 5 minutes slot, or was it longer?


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      You might be thinking of Spine Chillers (1980)

      20 eps in total, 9 of which can be found on YouTube


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        Thanks to both of you for your responses. Sorry I hadn't provided much information. I had thought it was storybook - type stills throughout but, from the Spine Chillers post, I can see that this is exactly the programme I was looking for. I remember the opening animation distinctly, and this was it. Thanks again!


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          You're very welcome, Condogalonian. Hope you won't have any trouble sleeping tonight after watching those..!


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            That five minute slot before the News - seems to legendary for series to appear there. When did that slot disappear? 1983-1984-ish?
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              There were a few series with ghost stories; Shadows, Dramarama: Spooky, Chiller... also Nobody's House and The Ghosts Of Motley Hall. Glad to add 'Spine Chillers' to the list.
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