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  • Forgotten - An otter tv program


    When I was young in the 80s, very early 90s, my mum and dad had recorded on vhs a British TV program (or mini movie?) that had 2 otters with voice overs, one of a woman and one of a man. I don't remember much of it other at one point they try crossing a railway line and a train is coming and they hurry across the line. I've come across Tarka the Otter but it doesnt ring any bells. The other thing is I dont know when they recorded it, it could have been in the 70s but I dont think so, im fairly certain it was in the 80s. I dont recall who made it either, i.e. dont remember seeing BBC for example but doesnt mean to say it wasn't.

    Sorry I'm not giving a lot of details but would make my day to find it again.

    Many thanks

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    Tails from the river bank?


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      Hi, thanks for your reply, I did a quick google search but seems to be about a hamster and then lots of books, programs, etc so the title of Tales from the River Bank seems to be quite generic but might be the answer?

      I wish I could remember more, there was one moment I think the otter was eating fish and the actress (voice over) saying this is really tasty but then hearing something that disrupted her.

      Thanks for your input though, really appreciate it


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        Originally posted by Hair Bear View Post
        Tails from the river bank?

        Real live animals, such as Hammy the Hamster and Roderick the Rat, are carefully transported off-camera to convey children's tales.


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          Hi there, I also remember one TV show. That was a watch, my mummy. Sometimes I also watched. One lady told a lie every time, and his big sister gave advice: do not tell a lie. Actually, I don't remember properly. this type of thing happened. They always fight with each other.


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            I thought that the "Otter" in the thread's title was a misspelling of "Other".

            Programme rings a bell, but one cannot quite put the finger on it.
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