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Thread: British Comic Characters

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    Quote Originally Posted by amnesiac5 View Post
    Hi - I am new to this - found you today whilst searching for an old memory. Can anyone remember a strip about little torpedoe shaped robots (red or blue) controlled by purple aliens who had invaded Britain. They had paralysing ray guns and were called something like vanaks, or vanarks or something like that - and may have been in Sparky in the 60's?
    That was "The year of the Vanaks" from Sparky comic circa 65/66

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    Thanks Daz, for confiming this strip did exist, although a couple of years earlier than I remember, also that it was Sparky, and I got the name of the aliens right, Vanaks. Does anyone know if they ever reprinted "Year of the Vanaks" anywhere else again, or is it available in reprint anywhere?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oggy View Post
    Victor was kool, used to love the summer specials and the annuals, which I still have a large collection of, you had your moneys worth in those days comics aren't quite the same nowadays are they.

    1. Hostspur -The Black Sapper, Red Star Robinson, Nick Jolly Highwayman, King Cobra
    2. Hornet - Captain Hornet, Jonah
    3. Lion - Robot Archie, Zip Nolan
    4. Rover - Though not sure what character it had, but have an annual
    5. Victor - Tough of the track, Alf Tupper, Morgan the mighty, Wilson
    6. Tiger - Skid Solo, Johnny Cougar
    7. Valiant - Captain Hurricane, Adam Eterno, Janus Stark, The Steel Claw, Spellbinder
    8. Warlord - Union Jack Jackson
    9. Scorcher - Billys Boots, Hot Shot Hamish
    10. Jet - Fish Boy
    11. Tornado - Wolfie Smith
    12. 2000AD - Judge Dredd, Mach One, DR and Quinch
    13. Starlord - Strontium Dog
    14. Wizard -Again another I recall, but sure of characters or stories
    15. Speed - Deathwish
    Any more comics, and characters to match? How about someone remembering Rover or Wizard?
    I used to get Scorcher every week. Not sure I remember Hot Shot Hamish, but Billy's Boots was about the lad who's talent came from wearing a pair of old boots that had once belonged to a famous old footballer. Also "Lags Eleven" about a prison football team and their nemesis warder "Bad News Benson" (Gawd, it all comes back to you, doesn't it?) and 2 separate strips about brothers playing for local rival teams; I think one was called "Jimmy of City" and the other something like "Jack of United" Also something like "Bobby of the Blues" who played for fashionable Everpool. Last but not least there was a text-only serial called (I think) "Goalkeepers Are Different" which I thought was clever in the way it mixed fact with fiction. Visit to eBay now, I reckon...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aidan View Post
    the Sparky People
    ++Spunky ( I kid you not !) and the Spider++

    Good old Spunky lol

    Was he Beano or Dandy?

    Do you really believe the other side without provocation would launch so many ICBM's, subs and ships knowing that we would have no option to launch as well? It would break our MAD Treaty (Mutually Assured Destruction) not to mention the end of the world as we know it.

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    The Wolf of Kabul. I think he might have started out in The Wizard in text stories then later became a comic strip in Hornet or The Victor. He had a side-kick in the shape of a big Indian guy who carried a cricket bat and was prone to bashingbaddies over the head with it--he called his bat Clicky-Ba.

    Kelly's Eye--in The Victor? He wore a jewel around his neck which gave him invulnerability or something like that.

    Al Rico in Action's Death Game 1999. He was a Spinball player who got splattered and came back as a brain-damaged zombie.

    Can't recall the character name or strip title but he had a midget submarine in the shape of a floating sea mine and it was set in WWII.

    Crazy Luigi in Action's The Running Man. He lived up to his name and carried a hatchet which he used to chop off a guy's hand in one strip.

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    In possibly Warlord there was a character who was an RAF pilot but his plane had lost its wings and he would drive it across the North African desert.

    General Jumbo, who had an army of miniature robot soldiers he controlled with a remote controller on his arm--can't remember the comic.

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    I wonder if it's been mentioned, there was a Three Bears comic that was very sarky I guess you'd say. The creator of it died not too long ago. I thought what I saw of it was great and would buy a collection of them. Does anyone know these bears? Nothing like Rupert.

    I got the Doctor Who Weekly comic from the first issues and kept them for awhile (including rub-on transfers with the first few) but then I got rid of them thinking I was too old for comics! I still have the Monthly issues that had less comics and more fact and old episodes stuff in a box someplace though (up to when Colin Baker started and I'd went off the whole thing then). They were British made comics in them though.

    We had a combo paper and sweets shop here in Victoria that had some British comic papers, '70s-early '80s. Lots of Army and Footballer things and then a lot of zany Dennis The Menace and Beano types, but the oddest ones to me were all the ones with various girl's names for titles as there seemed to be so many. I was very disappointed there wasn't one with my name. Remember Tracy and Penelope and Judy I think. And another odd thing was the 'now combined with' ones with two titles. The best thing was they were cheap and you get two and a half for the price of a U.S. comic book. I also remember many that were just reprints of U.S. comics, but one had some wonderful colour airbrush superhero covers. Those were early '80s I think. Oh and there were the hardback annuals for various comic titles, I had an X-Men one with giant robots. Often the colours would be wrong on the costumes. I remember a green and white Iron Man painting cover. I'm sure I saw a Warlord comic from England too but it was a bit expensive.

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    There was Countdown from the early 1970s which printed various SF strips. I think Dr Who was in it as well as a strip of the Gerry Anderson TV series UFO. I think most of it was B/W but there was a strip called, I think, Countdown, about the crew of a spaceship fighting against a tyrannical world ruler that was in colour. The ship looked like the one in 2001: A Space Odyssey--the one that goes to Jupiter. The comic had its page numbering reversed so that the last page was page 1 and it was printed on that cheap newspaper type paper.

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    In some Action comics the middle pages could be taken out and over a number of weeks put together to form a big poster of sharks eating people that was in colour.

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    My brother used to get (and therefore, I read) Whizzer & Chips, Buster, Topper, and Beezer. I preferred Whizzer & Chips and Buster. My favourite character was Cliff Hanger, and I always looked out for the cartoonist (J. Edward Oliver)'s little motifs, e.g. the "Abolish Tuesdays" sign.

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