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Thread: your top 10 rock singers of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteChristmas View Post
    In their primes;

    1 Ronnie James Dio
    2 Steve Perry
    3 Phil Mogg
    4 Bruce Dickinson (never great live, but excellent when controlled in the studio environment)
    5 Phil Lynott (opposite of Dickinson - you can't tell the difference between studio and live performances)
    6 Robin McCauley (Grand Prix, Micky Schenker, Far Corporation - probably my most obscure suggestion)
    7 Paul Stanley
    8 Geddy Lee
    9 Freddy Mercury
    10 Paul Rogers

    Honourable mention for Bono though it pains me to admit it because I loathe his band. On the first three or four albums, though, he was exceptional.

    Numbers 2-10 could probably appear in any order depending on my mood. Ronnie's always #1, though.
    Hah someone else who's heard of Grand Prix. What an underrated band. Yet another band lost in 80's drivel.

    Micky Schenker ?! What ? He's better known as Michael Schenker.

    Phil Mogg was an odd choice. Sung off key and got away with it.

    Surprised no-one's mentioned :

    Jorn Lande
    Russell Allen
    Eric Martin
    Tony Martin

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    Surprised David Draiman of Disturbed didn't get many mentions.
    His singing here is phenominal:

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