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    As teenagers it was cool to be seen with cans of shandy ( that were on sale openly in sweetshops ) & pretending to be drunk, esp if someone you fancied was around. Were they taken off the market because they made drunkenness cool to kids ?
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    Red face One-Cal

    Bliemy, what a memory! One-Cal! I am reminded how utterly revolting it was! But I bought it anyway!


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    tab and cariba were my favs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock Goddess View Post
    tab and cariba were my favs

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    I always thought cariba was nicer than lilt.

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    Any one who misses Quosh Tropical, try Asda Fruit Salad Squash. It's not green but it gets the memories going.

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    Does anybody remember American Cream Soda,people say i am getting mixed up with cream soda,but i am not, i think it was made by BARR and it was the best pop ever

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    I loved American Cream Soda!! It had a stronger vanilla flavour than regular Cream Soda. I remember buying it every Sunday with my Grandma to drink with my Sunday lunch. Not too sure on the brand, I'm sure it was 'Lowcocks' and it was in a glass bottle and it was bright green!!! Not sure why it was that colour but i can clearly remember how bright it was!!! I think the brand was local to us in Durham. I think it was produced in Hartlepool. I remember walking back to my Grandma's with her carrying the pop bottle while I ate my 'Splicer'!
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    I used to like the root beer sold years ago by macdonalds.It did have an aquired taste but not seen anything quite the same since.i think there is a brand of root beer on the market at the moment but not seen any on shelves.

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    You can buy cans of Root Beer from Asda. They sell them in packs of 6. My son loves the stuff so I'm regularly pressured into buying some

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