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    Hi all,
    wonder if you can help me?
    im looking for a particular ad, or if you maybe know the one I am about to describe, as I can’t actually remember the name of the company/product. It was like a desert/sandy scene, and a convoy of Harley Davidson type motorcycles with hells angels type guys, they’re driving along and pull up at a Petrol station, there’s an attendant, a young man there (shirt and tie I think) and the leader says (in a gruff voice) what’s so special about this stuff then? And the attendant says ‘well sir, it cleans your engine while you drive’ to which the bikers reply eughhhh, they close their fuel tank lids, Rev up and drive off. I’ve searched all the Castrol ads, etc... but have not managed to find it, would have been in the mid to late 90’s I think. Thank you

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    Rings a very faint bell. Could it be a Shell advert? They went through a period of using motorbike icons, like Steve McQueen in the Great Escape (he would have made that jump if he'd filled up with Shell).

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    Sounds like a car advert - Peugeot or some brand like that.
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    I think it was for a new brand of Shell with detergents added that cleaned engines as they ran.
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