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Thread: Spotting/reporting Spammers

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    Default Spotting/reporting Spammers

    Could members please hit the alert sign (red triangle on top of frame) when you see a potential Spam post on the board?
    We have had two in the last two days.If you are not sure if a poster is spamming, try Googling their Username.
    A quick Google of the latest Spammer "LeslieTeresa",show he/she has posted the same "kerali" message on several other Vbulletin boards.
    Yesterdays Spammer "Mom_estrella" shows the same pattern.

    Many thanks

    Be Alert! Britain needs Lerts

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    Will do

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    Default Re: Spotting/reporting Spammers


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    Default Re: Spotting/reporting Spammers

    Sorry Folks, Seems we've been hit by a lurking spammer PMing everyone.
    The Culprit has been dealt with

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    Lots of spam about, if you see any folks, we would really appreciate you reporting it, by hitting the red and white triangle.


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    Hello folks,I think some of you may be getting spam/advertising PM's (private messages) ,If so could you please forward them to a moderator, so the culprit can be dealt with. We cant stop it unless you report it!
    Many Thanks

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    Bump. Spam on the board for over three hours, please,please hit that triangle
    Last edited by Heather74; 16-08-2008 at 21:54.

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    Just a bump for any newbies if you spot any dodgy looking posts please hit the (all posts have one) on the offending post.
    Its no good replying to it, telling them its rubbish as they wont be back to see it.
    By hitting the all moderators get an email alerting us to the fact the forum has threads/posts which need removing.

    Thanks very muchly. Huggie74

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    Default Re: Spotting/reporting Spammers


    I can't find the stoopid triangles - have you moved them so they don't show on the posts?

    Edit - its OK I've found them again now so Duh at me!

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    Just for those of you who dont know where is is

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