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Thread: Dancing in the 90's

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    TRAGEDY!!!! by Steps

    In fact any Steps song reminds me of going to clubs with a 'certain' clientelle in the nineties.

    The reception mix of Tragedy had it's own unique dance and the whole club used to do it...made for an amazing atmosphere.

    I remember doing the Locomotion and OOps Upside Your Head as a kid when I went to parties and that stupid Superman song.

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    oh I forgot the superman song, and spray, go for a walk, comb your hair.....OK...
    Stunner. But was that not more 80's

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    we still do them at our holiday sites dont we heather,

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    I Sure would, We go two weeks on Saturday Bumble, Dead excited I cant wait, I even love doing all the clothes shopping for the kids, hope it nice just brought loads of lovely little shorts sets, Rory Tiger here we come........

    EDIT to all the burgalars in Stoke, we have a Great big Dog and nosey Neighbours.
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    Well, i've just been compiling a few CDs for someone's "90s party" that i'm going to tonight, I shall have to report back about any dodgy 90s dancing going on. I think Wigfield, Macarena and some others are already on the cards. The party host even has 90210 Twister!

    Makes you feel even older doesn't it!

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    i still do dance to them i think im still in the 80s and 90s lol

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    I have to admit to drunkenly trying to dance to Saturday night a few times, and i think its worse cos a im a bloke to!!

    Another embarrassing memory is when the James song 'Sit Down' came on i and everyone else use to sit down on the dance floor and sway... how sad is that! At the time we all thought it was cool.
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    hey there people, I'm trying to remember a this specific song that came out sometime around '94, it was a dance song with a guy and a girl, the guy is playing an organ and the girl is singing.... also the scene in the video from what i can remember looks like phantom of the opera while he's playing the organ... but trust me, it's hype

    Any ideas? . ....I think it might be by captain hollywood project...but not sure of the name.

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    Did anyone else do the Bogle dance in the clubs during the 1990s? Or was it just moi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by agfagaevart View Post
    Did anyone else do the Bogle dance in the clubs during the 1990s? Or was it just moi?
    I've yet to figure out what Bogling actually was. I did, however, have two main dance moves in the early 90s... If it had guitars, I would dance like Bez from the Happy Mondays. If it was techno or housey or hip-hop or something, I'd dance like MC Hammer. Believe it or not, I was actually pretty good at both of those...

    no breakdancing, though... :-(

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