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Thread: 1970's radiogram

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard1978 View Post
    My gran had one of those radiograms with everything under lids.

    I can't remember being allowed to use it, but I remember she replaced it with a high spec Amstrad Stereo where almost everything was remote controlled, even the record deck.

    One thing that wasn't was the disc size switch so after I played some singles on it my Gran was wondering why it was playing her LP's from the middle.

    My Gran and Grandasd had one as well Richard. I think a lot from the 40s and 50s generation ahd them. My Granma gave me her's when I got my own place, sadly it was well into decline by then (but it made a gorgous sideboard) and it was ace for hiding like say CD's you never wanted people to known you owned (in it). Sadly though then it was falling into total dis-repair, and I gave it away to my next door neighbour as it was congesting any room it was in (and he had a bigger house) to keep it in. I think even he had to get rid after a few year's though - due to the length of it etc etc.

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    [QUOTE=joybee;80272]This one was mine - I bought it myself out of my savings when I was thirteen - much to my mum's disgust (Fancy wasting money on one of those things !!) Mine was a brown colour though.

    Ah yes i remember this machine.

    my mum and dad had one of these as well.
    i think we had ours till the mid eightuies if i remember right.

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    I like your Radiogram , Darren. It is well cool, it look's really smart and trendy indeed.

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