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Thread: First "Grown-up" Drink

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    home-made shandies

    mum loved sherry, so often allowed to have a tipple with her

    Top Deck ! Lager & Lime IIRC? Wasn't there another can had a green flash,one had a yellow flash

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    arod Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by koukou View Post
    Babycham *hangs head in shame*
    I hang my head in shame as well

    Moved onto cider after that, then bacardi and coke and then I was sick. Yuk!!

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    Cherry wine. I still keep a few of the small bottles around for nostalgia moments...

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    Probably a "snowball" as well although my gran use to make as our new year bottle which was rasberry cordial for the girls and ginger cordial for us boys. First proper pub drink was a black and tan of which I was a regular partaker in them far gone days. Don't know if I would fancy one now? certainly not the 9or 10 I would consume every week-end nite.
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    Mine was advocaat and lemonade although only at new year parties or my grans at Xmas. You still get snowballs now in little green bottles from Morrisons in packs of 4. I was allowed a sip of my dads lager and used to pretend I loved it just to make me seem 'grown up' but in reality I thought it tasted like wee......No, I haven't tasted wee but I'm sure it must be similar lol My dad made dozens of bottles of this ginger wine stuff every Xmas, it was called yulade (sp?) and we had to drink bucket loads of the stuff. He still makes it now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Caz View Post
    My dad made dozens of bottles of this ginger wine stuff every Xmas, it was called yulade (sp?) and we had to drink bucket loads of the stuff. He still makes it now!
    My parents used to make that every winter too, drank gallons of the stuff.
    The only thing to look forward to is the past

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    The absolutely foul concoction known as Thunderbird wine. Came in two varieties, red label and blue label. Red was stronger, but both made you sick pretty quickly. They were like drinking pure sugar laced with fermented pears.

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    Newcastle Brown Ale at junior school disco - two bottles and I found myself wobbling about and talking stupid - not much changed since then LOL !

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    I was another Babycham girl. Used to get given a glass on holidays in the days when pubs had a family beer garden. Made me feel very grown-up and sophisticated

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    12 yrs old, erm cant really remember cause i was pished LOL
    remember spewing all over myself after being sent to bed
    it was new years 1982 and i'd made two concoctions of everything
    that was on offer for me and my mate, He chickened out, so i drank
    his too "more fool me" i have vague memories of falling onto a glass
    cabinet, ppl laughing, "probably at the state i was in" and a very angry
    mother screaming at me to go to my bed......never did that again
    Reckless Stu


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