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Thread: Ice Cream Vans

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    anyone tried Langage Farm ice creams??
    My local ice cream is Hockins - bootiful:-)

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    We used to have Mr Whippy, used to have a pink van.

    Large cone with monkey's blood and nuts, and for a treat a 99.

    We get a Mr Whippy van now where I live, plays Blue Peter tune on a Monday night, and if West Ham have been playing on a Sunday, plays I'm for ever blowing bubbles
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    I remember two vans,they were one man bands.One was called charlie and i remember he used to sell lovely hotdogs.Always used to get a couple for me tea when mum was at work.And the other was called molly,she never had the normal ice cream,she used to cut the ice cream off a block with a knife.Fond memories as she knew me mum so i got more than the other kids lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wil View Post
    When I was little we had one regular ice-cream van - Tonibell...
    Yes, we had a Tonibell too. I still recall the tune. If I'm remembering correctly, he sold Lyons Maid ice cream.

    Then on other days we had the Mr. Whippy van. We all preferred his ice cream but Tonibell had the better ice lollies!

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    On a few occasions I see a Mr Whippy van, it has the old Wall's sticker on the back with the two kids in the logo. I live near a primary school hence ice cream vans show up usually in the summer.

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    We still have one that comes around now but at the moment my daughters too young to know what it is.

    There used to be two that came around when i was a kid. Burgons was gorgeous proper ice cream, not the whippy stuff and the raspberry sauce tasted so much better than todays. The other was called Vincents and everybody used to call the ice cream man Grandad (sure it wouldn't beallowed today). This one did serve the whippy stuff which I wasn't keen on as it always gave me brain freeze so i used to go for lyons maid or walls lollies off him. His van had pictures of Batman and Robin on the fins at the back.

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    Ah the sheer opulence of a 99. The main lolly that I remember is the Dracula one - can't think of the name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wil View Post
    and an irregular one called Rossi's. Rossi didn't have a whippy ice cream machine. Instead he'd cut a piece off a block and, sort of, wedge it on a cone. You ran the risk of it falling off but it was fabulous ice cream, vanilla flecked with chocolate bits. He also had a superb dark red raspberry lolly, shaped like a pyramid. Alas, he didn't get around that often and, eventually, not at all

    Sarfend boy by any chance?

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    Default Ice Cream Van

    I always remember asking him to dip my cone in 'Kay-lie', it was delicious. One of the vans that came round had a game called 'Lucky 7' which featured a wheel in the window with numbers on it which spun round - if it stopped on number 7 you got a free ice cream.

    Also, I remember a very scruffy ice cream man that always had his flies undone and he didn't wear any underwear . I remember my parents and others put a complaint in about him and he was never seen again.

    I always prefered Mr whippy and Mr Cornish. Used to love those round plastic cone things filled with ice cream with a gum ball in the bottom (I think they were called snowballs or screwballs).

    One last thing, used to love winding the ice cream man up by asking him how much his penny bubblies were. LOL.
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    My dad told us a story from when he was a lad - his parents told him that if the ice cream van played a tune, then the ice cream van had ran out of ice cream! Thats just mean!

    Obviously if the ice cream van HAD ice cream and didn't play a tune, you wouldn't know he was coming! So my dad didn't get an ice cream either way.

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