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Thread: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

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    Default 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    I seem to remember this series about what I think were aliens living as humans who needed to find these glowing stones, in fact I think there was only one alien but being helped by humans. I seem to remember the alien was male and had got ill possibly while they looked for the stone/s.

    I've spent ages trying to find out what this was I seem to remember it involved a scene where the bad guys were looking for the alien and he was in like the back of a van or car illuminated by one of the stones....

    Been doing my head in for ages, anyone else remember it?

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    I had a look at some clips on google and it doesn't look like the show I am thinking about at all, I don't think there were monsters in it and a different mythology...

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    I think the trouble is that that description is quite generic. Can you remember any details, like what the alien looked like? What was the style/tone of the show? ie: what impression did it give you?

    Does sound abit like the movie Cacoon, though.

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    Yeah strangely enough cocoon came to my mind as well but the stones were much smaller about the size of a fist if memory serves, it was pretty haunting and I remember it was quite a dark show to me at the time. Probably in that post Newsround, pre Neighbours slot.

    I don't think the alien form was ever revealed in the show, its really odd as I remember this one scene so vividly but not much else and bizarrely thinking of the time frame and where I was when I watched it must be one of my most earliest memories annoying really!!

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    Could be aliens in the family

    Little Gems - Aliens in the Family
    (not the us version)

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    I've also been trying to remember the name of this show. There was a boy and a girl and an old man who helped them sometimes but I can't recall if he was in on the secret or not. They lived near a campground of some kind, close to water and rode boats often. The aliens they had to overcome were from the water but I also don't think we ever saw their form.
    The one part of an episode that stayed with me was one of the last episodes - I think they had one stone, and then found the 2nd one. The boy had to hold the blue stone no matter what but it burned and he dropped it. When he picked it up it was cold. The girl was off on her own, with the pink stone and they had to do something to stop the aliens. I think the old man was with the girl and they were in a boat And the alien caused a ripple in the water.

    But that's about it - it may have been an Australian production.

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    The only thing that came straight to mind was one of the newer tomorrows people's storys called the living stones.However apart from the green glowing stones nothing else seems to match.It was more like an invasion of the body snatchers type thing if I remember right.

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    It sounds like to me the Chocky series, in 84,85+86?

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    Default Re: 80s UK kids sci fi - glowing stones??

    it sounds like Look & Read's 'Through the Dragon's Eye'

    that had 3 humanoids who were possibly aliens, called Borris, Morris and Doris, and they were trying to find the 10 glowing stones of Pelamar, that built a machine, and the bad guy was called Charn, and he had big long nails.

    if so, i loved this at primary school

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