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Thread: Easter Egg Memories ?

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    Default Easter Egg Memories ?

    I remember 2 Easter Eggs from the early 1970'S :

    A real little wicker basket that was egg shaped itself, stuffed with delightful shredded cellophane, with a chocolate foil wrapped egg inside - I loved that one.

    The other was a cardboard Italian Gondola with an egg inside that (could it have been an After Eight one?)

    Anyone else remember these or have Easter Egg memories ?

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    i can remenber one .it iwas like a small cardboard train and in each carriage there was an egg about the size of a creme egg but i think they had soft toffee in them or marshmallow. mmmm

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    I always used to have the easter eggs that were a clock face. There were 12 small eggs, one for each number on the clock face, in a cardboard sort of house shaped box (looked a bit like a cuckoo clock) and you could move the hands round to point at the egg you were going to eat. I always dropped huge hints for one like that because in my little mind I thought you got more chocolate :-)
    Don't have a clue who made them.

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    I can remember eggs being larger than they are now

    Seemed to be a lot of packaging in the old days too. I remember a few years when the accompanying gift became more important than the egg, so big boxes and lots of plastic outer casing. We had a lot of KitKat mugs in the cupboard back then! There was also some eggs which had a small cars as gifts - I loved those.

    I didn't even mind if I received a Caramac egg at Easter - it was all chocolate to me.

    Still put my eggs in the fridge.

    Best of all was getting an egg which had an extra dollop of chocolate around the join.

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    Rowntrees Minty Eggs ... laid by Rowntrees minty chickens.
    They were about the size of Cadbury's Creme Eggs, I remember the advert for them.

    I also remember StMichael Milk Chocolate Eggs (from Marks & Spencer), i.e. teeny little solid eggs sold in a tube. When I was playgroup age those were my favourite Easter Eggs, better than the big "shell type" ones.

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    These Marks & Spencer eggs sold in a tube had a kind of " Crystal Tipps and Alistair Logo" And I think was about 1981 ? When I say that was it a blue and pink sort of tag?

    There was about 12 eggs in the tube making it over 12" long?

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    Does any one remember when Easter egg boxes actually did something, I can remember having a Lion Bar Easter egg and the box was in the shape of a lion's head and it's jaws moved and so did it's eyes I think? I don't think companies do this sort of thing any more. I also remember having a Curly Wurly easter egg in a box the shape of a Piggy Bank. I also remember Cadbury's Buttons eggs when the box design was Clowns on a bright Blue background it just wasn't easter if I didn't get one of them Lol.

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    I remember an egg with a Dalek inside wrapped in full colour foil, the box had push out perforations that made it into a stand up Dr Who (Patrick Troughton I recall), I seem to remember the smell of the chocolate for some reason or it may be the fact that I was in my Dads old works van and that smelled of engineering and tools, so possibly a culmination of the two.

    Don't worry Cheryl....
    I'll catch you if you slip!

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    I recall getting an ugly white mug with a badly drawn footballer on it once,with an easter egg inside.Other than that,most easter eggs i got were in boxes.I could only ever eat cadburys easter eggs,as all the other chocolate made my stomach churns badly and made me feel seriously sick to the point of vomiting.I'm still the same now.

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    Default Re: Easter Egg Memories ?

    i had a milky bar set that came in a box the shape of one of those canvased topped horse drawn carriage thingys that you see in western movies that allways seemed to get hit my a flaming arrow (wtf are they called?) it had a big egg and 4 little creme egg sized ones around it

    another egg i had as a kid came in a wooden egg cup shapped like a body (the egg was its head ) i had many an evening tea of boiled egg and soldiers eating from him

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