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    Quote Originally Posted by tonyfinster View Post
    Never saw affixofix, my schools glue came in 5 varieties,

    PVA, the white stuff that smells sickly sweet and dries on the brush like steel
    Gloy came in some triangle bottle with a rubbish applicator on the top
    Copydex Smelt fishy but we used to smear it on our hands and peel it off like skin to gross out the girls
    Cowgum very solventy but we found that it could be shaped when tacky into very bouncy rubber balls
    Pritt always to be found in the teachers desk top drawer
    omg!!!.........I used to love peeling copydex off my fingers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Low Country View Post
    Does anyone remember Affixofix Glue?
    I remember that paste! And its gorgeous smell. I did not remember the name, but certainly the aroma. Although it tasted vile. Yes, I was one of the thousands who no doubt tried. It was exotic aroma-wise and only matched by a treat from the local bakery. A "maid of honour" almond and raspberry pastry.
    It was rubbish adhesive, except for paper. Even then it had some strange habits. It sort of broke up into hard little blocks on the surface and you could throw it away if you ever left the lid off overnight. I have been searching the internet for an image of the little pale blue lidded pot with spatula, but sadly to no avail. Affixofix paste I shall have to remember that name! Thanks for reminding me!

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    I remember pva and pritt stick.

    Also glue guns think they where clear plastic.

    One i cant remember it had such overpowering scent i remember people sniffing it it would getu high.

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    Sorry to be late to the party, but we were in a shop today, saw glue spatulas and the memory went back to the tubs of glue, almond scented, wax covered and in small blue pots. Had to find out the name, hit search and found this thead. Dare I suggest the denture sounding GripFix was the name of this product? If I recall correctly it was sold by Woolworth?

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