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01-02-2008, 12:09
Did anyone ever go to a Berni Inn or a Quality Inn restaurant as a treat... I can remember going to these when we visited Oxford Street. I remember my mum having a "Special" Berni Inn Irish Coffee....

01-02-2008, 19:32
Think I only ever went to a Berni once. I used to prefer the Harvester chain, the one with the Wurzel Gummidge in the hall:p

30-04-2009, 22:31
I never remember going to one, but used to see them around a lot.

In the early 1990s they all seemed to be rebranded as Beefeaters.

Sometimes I've heard them being called Berni Steakhouses, was that a sub-branding of some kind?

01-05-2009, 23:39
As I recall the 3 course menu to have at Berni Inn in the 70s was:

Prawn Cocktail
Scampi and Chips
Black Forest Gateau

That was posh! :D

01-05-2009, 23:40
Did the scampi come in a basket?

01-05-2009, 23:48
Did the scampi come in a basket?
No no no, not in an upmarket place like that! :D

01-05-2009, 23:49
aww shame, it was always a treat getting your scran in a basket when you were young :)

01-05-2009, 23:51
It really was wasn't it, how funny when you think back. :)

01-05-2009, 23:54
Yes, now its just tacky :)

02-05-2009, 01:29
Boeuf Borgenion (sp) was another favourite I've heard mentioned, along with Chicken Maryland.

12-05-2009, 07:11
I remember Berni Inns starting about 1961 or 62 - fantastic. I tend to think nowadays I can never find a steak as good as in a Berni, but I guess that's fond memories.

I think chinese restaurants started at the same time, they did in Cambridge anyway - you got a quarter chicken and (shoestring) chips for 4/6d. A half Chicken was 10 bob. All of a sudden we could afford to eat out.

14-10-2009, 21:50
https://forums.doyouremember.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=2281&stc=1&d=1255553393 https://forums.doyouremember.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=2282&stc=1&d=1255553405

27-02-2014, 13:34
Dear Karen (another one!)
I most certainly do remember Berni Inns; I even worked at one in Gerrard's Cross in Bucks. during the school holidays, preparing the prawn cocktails! Going for a Berni Inn meal in the early 70's was a treat! They did produce a pretty good steak with chips, mushrooms and tomatoes (fillet or rump if I remember correctly). Also on the menu was dover sole; which believe me was quite posh back then! There was also one we went to at the Crooked Billet in Staines (on the roundabout) which had a tree growing through the middle of the restaurant, which fascinated me no end (or am I confusing that one with another Berni, 'cos we visited quite a few! ;-) Happy days!