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Shoot!, Match or 90 Minutes Footy Mags

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  • Shoot!, Match or 90 Minutes Footy Mags

    Which was your's growing up - if you lived through the era of these 3?

    Invariably all my Pocket/Chore Money until I was 17 went "out of the Window" regards Sweets etc and other things and I bought all 3 of these footy Mags!!

    I still 9somewhere have a few old 90 Minutes and possibly the last ever edition from 1997)!! Their score Predicting Leauge thing was the stuff of legends as far as i am concerned as at times it got so bezzar and off the radar - anyone would think Oasis was doing the editing and features, as equally great was the Letters Page I dreamed of writing up to!!

    I am not sure (in a way - though in other aspects I am convinbced the Letters page was "Spoof Writing" (allmost un-heard of back in the 1990s ... or it was Alian to me back then)

    Sometimes as the weeks roilled on - their Pedicting Table (or choice of games selected) got truly truly bizzare and beyond comprhension at times in how the writters/annalist's gave their opinions on each game or how it was scripted - but it truly was as well as an amazing read (for the oddness alone) a great, great mag that no Footy one has ever matched in my opion since!!

    Yes it was "Mainstream" as far as Mainstream went but 90 Minutes definitley (as well as getting my vote) belonged to the "old-School Fanzine type" of When Saturday Comes - which is still going very well today i feel (and I hope it never goes Online only), but as well as in how odd 90 Minutes was and in how I said nothing matched it since, nothing was even in my opinion in the same Division as it back in the 90s!! Whoever wrote/edited - really deseves an Honour I think - (Fanzine Circles-wise) as though I have said it was different to other Mags it was elite-est too and off the Rador of a deserving cause!


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    Re: Shoot!, Match or 90 Minutes Footy Mags

    I remember my brother having Match on a subscription for a few years.
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      Re: Shoot!, Match or 90 Minutes Footy Mags

      Pretty sure my football mad older brother used to buy Shoot and Match.


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        Re: Shoot!, Match or 90 Minutes Footy Mags

        I bought a few copies of Shoot. Before I pledged my allegiance to any one team, I focussed more on the players so I had pictures of people like Pele and Bobby Moore on my wall. I recall the quality of the photos was top notch!
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