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  • Corduroy

    For some reason, a children's book title or character called Corduroy came into my head a couple of days ago - I looked it up online that it was an American's children's book written in the late 1960s about a Teddy Bear of that name, and the plot had comparisons with the late Shirley Hughes' Dogger. A girl buys a Teddy Bear and puts button eyes on it or something.

    I vaguely remember it being told either on Flicks (the sub-Rainbow children's story series presented by Christopher Lilicrap) or Words and Pictures in the mid 1980s. The author died before I was born so that tells you how long ago it was written.

    Anyone remember Corduroy?
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    I remember a Donovan song 'Little Boy In Corduroy', and the teddy bear rings a vague bell.

    There used to be lots of corduroy clothing, even very wide banded stuff called 'wide wale' I think? I'm not sure if there's that much of it made anymore. I liked it.
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      I don't remember having any corduroy trousers after the early 1990s, but my Dad was still wearing them at least a decade later.
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