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Clothes from the past you would not wear today

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    Re: Clothes from the past you would not wear today

    Colours pop socks! Horrendous orange, pink, yellow knee high nylons cutting off your circulation..... And smock tops over jeans. Pop socks circa later 60s?anyone remember them? Smock tops maybe 71/72?


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      Probably wouldn't wear shell suits but I still wear Y-fronts today and actually have a pair from 1983!

      Try looking at one of those Grattan catalogues to see just how bad 70s fashion was!


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        A pair of two tone loon trousers...yuk

        snorkel parka ...awful

        lumber jacket... always looked mucky


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          Originally posted by Powdered toast man View Post
          Re: Clothes from the past you would not wear today

          Shell suit. I had a lime-green, white and black one with BOSS printed in big letters on the trouser leg and astroworld letter printed on exclusive clothes from astroworld merch. And it was a fire hazard waiting to happen....

          You must try these clothes again.


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            I found a group on Facebook where there post old catalogue pages. Mostly American, but some 1970s fashions were very strange even by the standards of the day.
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              Click image for larger version

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              I used to have a pair of brogues that had a big wide toecap like clown shoes, they were awful.
              School uniform requirements were not too specific so fashion at the time could be vaguely followed
              black shoes, black trousers etc, so in the 70s , our shirt collars were as wide and pointy as possible and there was a fad where us boys wore flares with Bolero waists, the more buttons on the waistband, the cooler you were
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                In the past I am really a big fan of the xxxtentacion.So,I have a lot's of comfortable revenge hoodies of their famous merch.But after the death of xxxtentacion my taste has been changed and I dont want that kind of clothes at that time.