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  • Milkshake sachets

    I did search but couldn't find anything. Do you remember sachets of milkshake powder from the 80's I think. they came in packets of 2 sachets.

    I think mum bought them from Sainsburys as a treat and you had to add milk and whisk furiously. The best method was to put the whisk between both hands and do a motion like you're warming you hands up.

    Once made I remember them being a really thick milkshake and the chocolate one was incredible, so delicious! I've been craving them for about 40 years, tell me I'm not the only one who remembers them?
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    Kellogg's Two Shakes.

    Earlier thread here:


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      Yes, that’s them. Thanks so much for linking the other thread. Great memories!


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        Originally posted by I. R. Fincham View Post
        Kellogg's Two Shakes.

        Earlier thread here:
        The days when Kellogg's made a lot more in their factories rather than just breakfast cereals.
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          I went to primary school with a boy who ate an entire sachet out of the packet with a spoon EVERY DAY.

          When I was younger, we used to spend every other weekend at my grandparents' house. Before bed, they always gave us a kellogs milkshake from a sachet. This post brought back pleasant memories.

          I use a whipped cream dispenser as a milkshake maker for my kids. I loathe canned, ready-made, and modern sachet milkshakes. Making our own is so much better and easier with a taste and texture similar to the good old days before low fat and low sugar!
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