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1980s, 90s sweets, candy.

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  • 1980s, 90s sweets, candy.

    Hi new on the site today but i woke up and had a type of candy in my head but barely remember it and not seen them for years.
    So it must of been late 80s 90s and i was in primary school. I remember it was a light blue candy and they were really small bits. Think it was cola flavoured but they mite of come in more. It was in a small 2 or 3 inch soft plastic bottle and it had a little straw in the top. Now it strange but i remember you had to suck yo het them out. Probably why they wernt out for long. ‍♂️ So can anyone remember such a sweet.?? Cant find oucs either, i didn't dream it

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    Your post reminded me of the post below which is a reply from our Defunct Sweets thread. The only thing I can't ascertain is whether the straws actually came with the sweets or if the kids went to school armed with plastic straws for peashooters lol. Anyhow maybe the name one's and Two's may ring a bell.

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    Re: Defunct sweets?

    I can remember something similar there used to come in small plastic bags and they where called "ones and Twos" the Ones where multi-coloured and the Twos where as far as I can remember coke flavour, as for the silver ones the corner shop across from my School used to sell them by the quarter, but the Head Master had them Banned because pupils where buying them and then using them as missiles with the use of a straw from the back of the class