Here's a list of stuff that I think of when remembering Christmas when I was young.

Being amazed by an impressive department store display of toys (normally a massive model railway layout), even though you know your parents would never buy it.

Having a doughnut shaped box of mint crisp chocolates for nibbles, with the contents arranged in a swirl like the orange & lemon crystalised slices also purchased some years.

Parents rationing out the chocs so that they last until mid January, with most of the ones on the tree being consumed after it's removed from the lounge.

Boasting at school about what presents I was expecting, & in the new year the ones we actually got.

Dads having to rush out late on Xmas eve to buy something overlooked or suddenly broken, also having to go out early on the 27th to get a replacement broken present, or materials to fix one.

An alternative school Xmas play as at my primary only the infants did the nativity & the juniors did stuff like The Tailor Of Gloucester.

Odd family things to on Xmas day that can get a funny look, like having coisants & Bucks Fizz for breakfast & playing Phil Spector's Xmas Album while opening presents.

Parents getting a bit drunk & saying daft things, a good laugh if it's a slip up when asking for a Buck's Fizz.

Getting a hamper of goodies from your Dad's company in place of an Xmas bonus.

Having all adults (apart from parents) asking what you're getting for Xmas from December 10th to Xmas Eve, & what you got from Xmas Day to January 10th.

TV Specials for Childrens TV shows made years before & repeated for many years afterwards. Record Breakers & Playschool guilty of this.

Getting a postal order from a distant great aunt you've only seen twice.

Being sent a card from a total stranger for a few Xmases in a row, as well as one from someone you met on holiday years before.

Having a different friend of your parents dropping in for a drink almost every night from 19/12 to new year's day.

Getting a large amount of sweets & eating a lot on Boxing day morning, & getting in trouble when you can't eat any breakfast.

The BBC1 Xmas logo being previewed on Blue Peter or Newsround.

Getting phonecalls from a relative in the middle of the special of your
Dad's favourite show, because the caller forgot it was longer than 30 minutes.

Going away for a few days to visit relatives between Xmas & new year, & only being aloud to take presents that are portable & less likely to be damaged in transit & by younger cousins.

The largest family present being labelled "To the Smith family, from Santa", always opened last.

Parents insisting that everyone plays a game regardless of physical & mental state, often leading to arugments about which set of rules (home or proper) to be used.

Getting adult cosmetics for the first time, & the slightest sniff since causing flashbacks.

Seeing a great one-off drama with an all star cast, that is almost never show again.

At least one compilation of a long finished comedy show with all the Xmassy sketches along with the all time favourties. A Carry On compilation fits into the catagory.

Knowing someone at school with a birthday in the Xmas period, who has a "present day" in the summer.

Shouting "can we get up now?" from 4:30 on Xmas morning to about 7:30.
Your Dad falling asleep on the train back from his xmas do & having to be picked up my your Mum or older sibling at somewhere in the middle of no-where.

Ticking all the stuff you want to watch over the xmas period in the listings mag. Also having an argument about what to video when there's a clash.

Having a games day on the last day of school, along with an hour of cartoons shown on TV in the hall & a "bring & share your own treats" party for lunchtime.

Noticing the TV ads on Boxing Day are for sales & holidays, as well as trailers for the New year season.

Your parents buying some cheap crackers that don't bang, having awful jokes & tacky toys. Often someone trys to pull the banging strip at an unexpected moment & almost gives someone a heat attack, & if you have a bald Dad he'll often fall asleep with a paper hat on that will soak up loads of sweat.

Having your first alcoholic drink & wondering what all the fuss is about.

Seeing an Xmas special that tries to drag out less plot line out than a normal episode to an extended length.