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The Battersea Park Funfair Big Dipper Accident

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  • The Battersea Park Funfair Big Dipper Accident

    Hello Everyone does anyone remember this event ?

    Two years after a fire hit the ride, a major fatal accident occurred on 30 May 1972. A train being hoisted up to the start of the ride broke loose from its haulage rope, and the rollback brake failed, causing the cart to roll backwards towards the station. In spite of the efforts of the brakeman the train gathered speed and the back carriage jumped the rails and crashed through a barrier with the other two carriages crashing on top of it. Five children were killed, and thirteen others injured in the accident..

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    Re: The Battersea Park Funfair Big Dipper Accident

    I'm too young to remember it but I remember it was mentioned in the news when there was that accident at Alton Towers a few years ago.
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      I don't remember it, would've been four or so and not really watching news yet, but I did see a story about one of the survivors in the news much later in the wake of Alton...
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