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Two-Tone Tonic Trousers

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  • Two-Tone Tonic Trousers

    Two tone tonic trousers were worn by Mods, Skinheads and Suedeheads in the late 60's and early 70's. They were mostly made to measure as part of a tonic suit but Levis made them in Staprest, as did other manufacturers, but Levis' were considered the best. Two-Tone Tonic Trousers made a revival with groups like Madness, The Jam, The Specials in the late 70's.They can still be had now if you know where to look.

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    I've been revisiting a lot of ska music and the fashions that went with the music (besides lots of b&w checked everything). I'm still sporting the white socks with black loafers look. I think of the work boots (Dr. Martens) as more an aggressive thing fashion-wise (and not sure many females would be wearing those until maybe later). I thought Pauline Black, Rhoda Dakar and The Bodysnatchers were very stylin' at the time, also The Go-Gos for the retro thing too, but outside a b&w checks Hawaiian radio station promo t-shirt I probably wouldn't fit in. My BF is very into Mod stuff but dresses more classic blues guy (having been more Mod/Beatles when younger). I got him a BOAC flight-bag once but I guess it came a decade or two too late as an accessory, he seems to prefer a surplus Scandinavian gas-mask bag circa WWII these days and just keep audio gear in the BOAC relic.
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      Were they made of denim and looked like jeans?
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        These are mentioned in the song Jonny Raggae by The Piglets.
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