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  • Reputation points idea

    I don't know what Heather, H.G and big Daddy etc may think - but afew other Forums I go on, they have "Rep Points" and Neg ones if was a bad post (and though it can be open to abuse granted) we a re all also here for a reason - to remember the era DYR Covers (and if it could happen) may be keep it to just positive reples (and as on most Forums I go on) it's un-seen to the naked-eye what the comment consists of (andf you can only do so many a day and not favourtise people consistantly (so it get's spreaded around - eg not favout-ism to your friends)

    I would like to think that we are all Adult Enough for such an idea to work - given in addition we are like a "niche crowd" and without mentioning names , I bhave friends here who certain responses in threads (and though they have not said it exactly) gleaming that bit of info or reply they want (rather hoped to read) makes their Morn/Afternoon etc!! It certainly does me upon reading info I have wanted to establish or re-collect on a TV Prog (say 1 I thought I had dreamt/imagined had happened and it sent me bereserk or a sog in the same vain in my near on 7 years. To be used as so could be way beneficial as an additional part to the forum I think and enhance us as the Niche Place we are for the 70s to the 90s

    If Heather, H.G, Big Daddy think it'd be bad/border on wrong in that members would abuse it - I totaly 101% understand - but like I say we are all grown Adults (and alot of it could be based on posetivity of the posts - not Negs as I described further up)! Even as a trial I think it'd be interesting to see - if a trial even may happen as I am sure it'd be used correctly - but again it lays with the mods and owner - but yer it is siomething I'd love to see (and I am sure others who i talk to on here may, too - though I have also not sounded anyone out about it either).

    Thanks in advance