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What you think Eagles -new kid in town means?

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  • What you think Eagles -new kid in town means?

    I think the song is about how good things fade away. Eagles were the hot back in 70s but new bands and artists were starting to rise. The new kid in town is a metaphor for feeling the fame and has become to fade away and people are fading away by that. It shows how you need to trust yourself and not live in the past.
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    Glenn Frey & Don Henley were marvelous talented songwriters,New kid in town make the best what you have before someone snatches that good feeling from you.


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      After Hotel California the Eagles seemed to struggle with various issues, mostly because the members were going in different directions creatively.
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        I thought it was literally about being young and moving to a new place with a new school. Being the new kid you get a lot of attention, for awhile, and then it fades, and one day there's a new 'new kid'. Americans move around a lot!
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