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    Picadilly Radio is a Manchester uk based commercial radio station

    The more memorable events were when that annoying phleb Timmy Mallet hosted a quiz where you asked him a question & if he answered correctly you had to go tho the studios & give him a present.

    The prizes he won included a Hari Krishma record which he constantly played lol & a parakeet to which he said "What am I going to do with a parakeet?" Some bright spark suggested he has it for dinner lol

    There was also a presenter Susie Mathis who was hosting a phone-in show about the rights & wrongs of an abortion. Some troll phoned in & told her she is against abortion because she lost her own baby so naturally she would be against abortion
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    Re: Picadilly Radio

    remember when the fun bus used to be out and about ?

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      Re: Picadilly Radio

      When I was young the Picadilly Radio 261 stickers were all over the place.

      Eventually it split in the late 1980s so Key 103 became a pop station, & Picadilly Gold (Now Key 2) an oldies station.
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        Re: Picadilly Radio

        It was radio picadilly not picadilly radio, i remember they would get quite arsey about that. i enjoyed the Phil wood show inparticular, also Mike sweeney who did a phone in nostalgia quiz, i rang in and got through straight away.the question was about Thunderbirds but i forget the whole question, anyway i won a pair of tickets to see return of the jedi and the empire strikes back at the odeon Manchester. Sweeney can now be heard on radio Manchester but not sure what happened to Phil wood.
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