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    Just looking at the Follyfoot thread got me thinking of all the old tv theme tunes I remember but I never actually watched the programme.
    Follyfoot , white horses, The Flashing Blade, Magpie.
    know all the theme tunes, never watched a single episode!

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    Aquarius was an arts progamme shown on LWT during the 70s. The theme was a bit of a hit from the musical Hair.
    I enjoyed the music, never sat through an episode, probably all a bit arty farty


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      I liked the tune to Randall & Hopkirk Deceased.The Persuaders


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        I didn't like the program so much, but I loved the theme music for Rainbow.

        Another one that is sure to bring back memories is Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings, I think maybe it has an ocarina played in it (like that break in Wild Thing by The Troggs). Bernard Cribbins narrated it but luckily he didn't sing the song. I might still remember the words... "Well you know my name is Simon, and the things I draw come true, oh the pictures take me take me over, climb the ladder with you." A bit like Button Moon.

        I remember without necessarily liking the themes for Doctor Snuggles, and Barbapapa, and the Sooty tune with and without words (he played the tune on his pixiphone or toy xylophone). I think his theme words were mostly his name repeated and something along the lines of "he is a little rascal in trouble all the time." I don't think they used the theme with words often.
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