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Favorite non-U.S. puppets and animated children's series

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  • Favorite non-U.S. puppets and animated children's series

    Made up a sort of inventory of shows I remember fondly, some of which I have available to watch now, some I'd love to be able to see again. I wonder if I've forgotten any?

    Perhaps others might contribute their own lists?

    Sooty (live & glove puppets) **
    Hector's House (dubbed, puppets) *
    Clangers (stop-motion) *
    Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings (animation)
    Barnaby/Jeremy (Colargol) Bear (dubbed, stop-motion)
    Hattytown Tales (stop-motion)
    Lavender Castle (stop-motion) *
    The Phoenix And The Carpet (live & one puppet) *
    Stingray (puppets) *
    The Magic Roundabout (dubbed, stop-motion) **
    Space Patrol (puppets) *
    Supercar ( puppets) *
    Bagpuss (stop-motion) *
    Four Feather Falls (puppets) *
    Barbapapa (dubbed, animation) ^
    Captain Scarlet (puppets) *
    The Wombles (stop-motion) **
    Dr. Snuggles (animation) ^
    Basil Brush (live & glove puppets) **
    Fireball XL-5 (puppets) *
    Inspector Gadget (animation)
    The Flumps (stop-motion) ^
    Torchy The Battery Boy (puppets) *
    Pingwings (stop-motion) *
    Camberwick Green (stop-motion) *
    Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men (puppets) ^
    Button Moon (puppets) **

    * - on DVD (complete)
    ** - on DVD (incomplete)
    ^ - via download/Youtube

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    Cant beat Bill and Ben,then Camberwick Green and Captain Scarlet


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      I forgot about Rupert Bear! I just got the first set on DVD not so long ago. There are three volumes but one was good enough for scratching the nostalgia itch; very well made puppets show, Mary Turner and Christine Glanford who had worked on the Anderson 'Supermarionation' shows worked on Rupert.

      I'm not sure if Michael Bentine's Potty Time (try explaining that title in America) would've been strictly for children, but I do have one of those DVDs too. More puppets! I knew I'd forget something.
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        The Herbs
        Mary Mungo and Midge
        Mr Benn
        Kloppa castle


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          Noggin the Nogg
          Ivor the engine


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            I'd forgotten about Cloppa Castle... I see it was on a Network DVD set, might be harder to get now (am I ever going to miss them!). I think Ivor and Noggin ought to be too, pretty sure Pogle's Wood has been on DVD.
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              The Flumps (stop-motion) and Torchy The Battery Boy (puppets). Amazing!


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                Henry's Cat was great fun, having quirky plots that got zanier as the series went on.

                While I like most of Gerry Andersons programmes, Thunderbirds probably wins on average.
                The Trickster On The Roof