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There are sweets around that resemble liquorice sticks in a variety of colours and flavours but the red ones are strawberry flavoured. As they do not contain any liquorice then they can't really be called liquorice. I have never encountered any red liquorice that tastes of liquorice or aniseed or any hard to describe flavours.

It is possible that the mythical red liquorice came out of a Mr Bellamy's Amazing Liquorice Novelties box.
The aniseed flavoured, red liquorice was definitely from Mr Bellamy’s assortment box. I used to buy only the red from the 10’clock shop but had to get in quick because it was so popular. As a great, my husband would say I was pregnant in order to get the staff to open new boxes just for the red canes. They said that Bassett’s was taken over by Cadbury who then stopped including this in the box. Apparently, you can get aniseed flavoured red liquorice in Spain.