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Thread: Health Food Shops and Weight Up Shops

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    Default Health Food Shops and Weight Up Shops

    As somebody who can remember my Gran and Great Auntie's year round home-baking - who can recall going to Health Food Shops (and to a more degree .... slightly the good old Weight Up Shop)??!!

    Back in the day these shops sure was the trend and having a Fruit Juice in the Health Shop .... every major Town had them, as well as drinking Decaff Coffee with no Milk in being a popular part of the experience and often enhanced by soothing Pan Pipe Musical Material

    It was similar for the good old weight YUp Shop for your home baking - even Markets had them and one relativley near me still does, and even minor Towns/big Villages with one High Street had them too. They probably was'nt that Healthy - the Weight Up Shops but generaly you knew what baking materials you was getting was half-decent like going to a Farm Shop would be the equilvlent possibly these day's for lovers of Home-Baking like my Gran and Greeat Auntie who both until their last day's would never dream of Supermarket Ckes 9M & S or Kwick save - whichever was ano, no)!!

    This sure was the way to a better healthier lifetstle I think - even if people like Jamie oliver (as much as I rate him but not) discourage Ckaes etc for Kids, and the likes!

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    Default Re: Health Food Shops and Weight Up Shops

    I always think that health food shops are just a step below pharmacies - fruit and vegetables are healthy for people to eat, but I would hardly call a greengrocer a health food shop!

    Holland and Barrett is one store that comes to mind - I never go in there of course as I have no need to. I would recommend eating more healthily rather than take cod liver oil capsules or whatever they are called.
    Telling it almost exactly like it was so many years later - and proud of doing so!

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