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    Default Saturday Morning Tv

    I Was Wondering If You Used to look forward to kids tv on a friday or saturday morning,

    i had afew growning up .

    stuff like

    chucklevision & dick and dom in da bungalow.

    and in the late 90's rugrats,postman pat, budgie the helicopter . babar. Bodger & Badger

    and many more.

    oh i miss my childhood .

    what about you lovely lot?

    i hate you butler

    your 10% man and 90% spotted dick"

    Stan Butler the Abominable Slowman!"

    Get your trousers on your nicked

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Tv

    On Saturday mornings I use to watch Swap Shop and Tiswas.
    I cannot recollect if they aired the same time.

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Tv

    I remember getting up early to watch the Wide Awake Club.

    The 8:15 From Manchester was another must see Saturday morning show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonraker View Post
    On Saturday mornings I use to watch Swap Shop and Tiswas.
    I cannot recollect if they aired the same time.
    Yes they did!

    A lot of your coolness depended on which choice you made....

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    Default Re: Saturday Morning Tv

    For me it was Swap Shop, I was never a fan of the "chaotic" types of show as a child, even now the cartoons of the ilk somewhat irk me.

    Also, Going Live, Live and Kicking, those ones later on.

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