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Thread: Ice Cream Vans

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    Who can remember the feeling of excitment as you heard the Ice Cream man coming from three streets away, the sheer panic of missing him if your Mum didn't give you the "pennies" quick enough.
    There's two that stick out in my mind from my childhood "Mr Whippy" and "Mr Ginelli" one had the tune Greensleves and the other just the classic "Ding Dong De Ding Dong" chimes.
    I remember one had Tom and Jerry on the back and the "Mind that Child" warning, best of all though those lovely window stickers with what to choose (bet a few people would love to own some of those).
    The only other thing I have struggled whether to mention or not is the gross bit... some horrible kids in our neighbourhood decided to start a rumour that poor old Mr Whippy would pick his nose and put the "outcome" In the Ice Cream Was this an awful local rumour or was it widespread??

    So anyway, how was your local van decorated? What tune did he play? And did he give you broken cone bits if you asked nicely?
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    Believe it or not, Mr Whippy came round 'in my day' when I was 14 or so, but way before that my local Ice Cream Man was Joe's Ices and he used to blow a cornet as his little van approached which went 'Der der diddely der' *lol* It wasn't whipped ice cream either, but the old fashioned Italian type complete with tiny particles of ice in it. Ooooh errrrr deeelicious

    *Note to Heather - YUK !! The rumours kids spread
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    Aahh i miss the ice cream vans. One i remember very well...he always used to ask us if we wanted blood on our ice creams hee hee! And at the first sound of that music we'd be inside like a shot askin for money to buy an ice cream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpiralCoolStuff View Post
    Aahh i miss the ice cream vans. One i remember very well...he always used to ask us if we wanted blood on our ice creams hee hee! And at the first sound of that music we'd be inside like a shot askin for money to buy an ice cream.

    do you guys not get the vans anymore then?

    we get one in the village I'm still able to say 'quick,' ..........and there's one outside the (junior) school gates most days in the summer (crafty sod!)

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    I loved the ice cream van! I'd always get a Screwball and would be overcome with excitement if there was ever an extra bubblegum ball in the bottom LOL!

    We still have an ice cream van that comes round our street and I still get a little bubble of excitement when I hear it - how sad!!

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    We still get them around here too, but that childhood feeling of excitment,joy and wheres Mum's purse has now been swapped as a parent of "oh no not again" and a sinking where is MY purse feeling everytime I hear the sound of 'O Sole Mio' or as it's now better known 'Just One Cornetto'

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    We used to have the Mister Wippy ice cream vans, I can't be certain but I'm sure I saw them round again not that long ago .

    In the town where I am from was a family run ice cream business called Tognarelli (ANYONE FROM THE WORKINGTON AREA WILL REMEMBER THEM), they used to have a shop where you could go to and buy the stuff you could get off the ice cream van, but they also used to come round in the ice cream vans as well. Sadly now Tognarelli doesn't have an ice cream business, the only thing we have now to do with Tognarelli is a café.
    Oh to be a kid again with a can of Top Deck on a hot summer day, now that would be good.

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    Gosh, I remember the old ice cream vans with their 'plonk plonk' tunes.
    I was lucky as my Grandad used to drive an ice ceam van.
    We still have ice cream vans in our area but it does not play music any more but is about 1 minutes walk from where I live.
    The Ice cream factory is only about 6 minutes drive away too.
    They make proper dairy ice cream and not 'Mr Whippy' stuff. Proper Devon ice cream. mmmmm lovely.

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    Whippy '99's' with raspberry sauce - pushing the flake down into the cornet, easting the top - usually by nibbling round the top. Other possibilities included biting off the botton and sucking the ice-cream through.

    Greensleves still makes me want one. We still get a van occasionally.

    I remember the 'double cone' but could never eat that much ice-cream myself.
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    When I was little we had one regular ice-cream van - Tonibell (the tune of which can sometimes be heard in the background in EastEnders!) and an irregular one called Rossi's. Rossi didn't have a whippy ice cream machine. Instead he'd cut a piece off a block and, sort of, wedge it on a cone. You ran the risk of it falling off but it was fabulous ice cream, vanilla flecked with chocolate bits. He also had a superb dark red raspberry lolly, shaped like a pyramid. Alas, he didn't get around that often and, eventually, not at all

    Later on we had a great ice-cream van run by a guy called Luigi (no, really). He'd also come around at 10.00 at night and loads of grown-ups would come out for their 99s and Nobbly Bobblys.

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